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Clean conficker

is your computer virus infection conficker (alias kido or downadup)? if yes, has you used antivirus famous, but conficker doesn't can cleaned completely? there is no need to sad even less dissapointed. now pc media, as market-leader computer magazine in indonesia, present pcmav express for conficker in this time be first* antivirus special conficker superior at world that can to give complete solution in overcomes virus. and this matter proves that pcmav always be antivirus indonesia pride, even if that faced foreign virus sophisticated.




note: caused by so the complex virus handling conficker this, especially adjusment of technology consequence rootkit- enough neat and “beautiful”, architecture scan engine standard pcmav 2.0 that there hasn't designed and is not prepared to handle new kind virus a kind of this. to that's why pcmav express for conficker this present while wait bitnya magazine pc media 05/2009 that hold pcmav rilis newest.




differ from antivirus another, pcmav express for conficker designed peculiarly and special to can identified in accurate figure 100% and destroy complete conficker up to to “root”, even if this virus has technique antidebugging, anti-vm, double-layer obfuscated code and rootkit (invisible) that belong sophisticated and complex.




it is important to know, although pcmav express this can to identified in accurate figure and remove 3 variant from conficker (conficker. a, b, b-1) we get of so much many magazine loyal readers pc media, but only 2 variant principal (conficker. a b) that known and we have believed scattered in such a way broadness to hundreds thousands pc at fatherland. so bot true that at the moment virus conficker that enter has hundreds up to thousands variant indonesia. info deviates this only be speculation sprinkling reseller/seller/maker side antivirus amateur bot at all has competence suffice to analyze this virus really enough complex. although so, not closed possibility existence variant new conficker. please send to editorial staff if you find it.




besides, if there antivirus other as if can to detect so quantity variant this virus (flogs up to tens), so for certain that maker antivirus deceived by technique obfuscated code that applied in this virus,  or can also maker technical disability consequence antivirus only understand simple/amateur detection technique by using hash (crc, md5, sha). and technically, antivirus this type of defeated so conficker mobile at memory.




first and only in indonesia, pcmav express for conficker equiped with technology rootscan newest intelligent, safely can penetrated up to to ring0 (kernel-mode) to detect virus correlating technology rootkit. here's main key so that antivirus can to destroy rootkit of a kind conficker. as great as whatever a antivirus at this world, during conficker can mobile and hid at ring0, all power and effort antivirus to will detect also clean it from majority configuration system a fool for one's pains. and erudition we, new pcmav express here's only antivirus special conficker at world that use sophisticated technique very unique a kind of this to chases away virus from memory safely.




besides, pcmav express this even also can remove conficker and clean setting system that infection and can to restore it to conditon at first, belong to activate to return services he kills. difficult find antivirus conficker other at world that has ability likes this: clean and complete!


in addition, virus complete analysis conficker this, still to be warm discussion topic researchers antivirus in all the world, be held at magazine pc media 05/2009 will along with rilis pcmav newest that can to overcome it. and summary faq this virus analysis soon be added at blog this. so, keep-in-touch!




use rule:




1. ascertain your user has right equal administrator.


2. non-active antivirus install so that doesn't disturb pcmav express.


3. ascertain previous that your computer not connections to network or internet during process scan.


4. after finished, very suggested to do restart and scan repeat (if necessary).


5. after virus success remove, soon update/patch your windows. pcmav express this even also can detect when your computer not yet at patch.


6. ascertain entire pc that linked in also free conficker, before pc you return connections to network.


7. ascertain administrator right password at pc you not easy guessed, because conficker has ability infiltrates with do “riddle” towards administrator password with existing general vocabulary in the dictionary. change your password with federation alphabet and numeric so that not easy guessed.


8. if step 3-7 above not you follow well, so big possibility conficker can assault to return, as good as whatever antivirus you use.

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