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Best Linux Hosting
 I switched to Linux a couple of years ago for my web hosting needs, and have never looked back since then. I am so glad I did and really have no intention to switch back to Windows hosting. I am really pleased with it and have been addicted to it ever since. I still do use Windows hosting for clients sites from time to time, but if I had it my way, in a perfect world I would use Linux all the time. No I am not a Microsoft or Windows hater, but I do prefer Linux over Windows for a number of reasons. I will provide you with three reasons why I prefer Linux over Windows for hosting my websites.

 Open Source Code

 Linux uses open source code for its hosting, which Windows does not. Open source code is extended because it is easier to profit by patches, updates, ect exceedingly. Linux supports Telnet which Windows obviously does not buttress. Linux is repeatedly referred to as Lantern ( Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP. ) With Windows it is not as flexible as Linux and doesn ' t offer as much rod and discretion.


 The cost for Linux hosting is amen free which its competitor Windows is not. Typical Windows is a super capability when it comes to to software, but they are also commercial, which Linux is open sourced and 100 % free. It makes shape that Linux hosting is cheaper since they are not commercial. It is commonly 1 - 2 dollars cheaper than Windows.

 More Amount

 Supplementary inordinate basis to switch to Linux is it cheaper. So you might be suspicion if you actually entertain what you stipend for. The answer is you stir more for what you earnings for, and for less than the cost of Windows. It is a no - brainer that Linux is hands - down the paramount hosting available.

 Unequaled Linux Hosting
 Linux web hosting is hands - down better than Windows hosting. I would get behind that you start using Linux hosting if you are not already. We highly hype that you peruse our Hostmonster Scan or our FatCow Audit. These are both bulky blog hosting companies.
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