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The Importance of Network Configuration Management and Network Performance Monitoring
 Most companies of today are now running through IT based network systems, which greatly help them in efficiently performing various complex tasks, and effectively deliver high quality services to their clients. However, these network systems commonly experience various changes. And these changes sometimes have negative effects or influences to the overall function of the system. In order to avoid these unwanted circumstances, network configuration management is needed.

 As great as you dart your system with network configuration management, you are able to have full restraint over various changes on your network devices ' configuration. In this type of management, you are provided with all the requisite tools in generating changes. From these tools, you are also able to haul back the changes you have fictional whenever they are proven to be impractical.

 Without the use of a network configuration management, the task can be a lot harder to deal with. All the changes that you made are not automatically documented. And if the changes you have fabricated are wretched, you will be forced to recall all the specific changes you have mythical.

 Network configuration management also provides a sense of organism and rhythmic task throughout the entire system. It is forthcoming that simultaneous configuration changes are being mythical over various devices on the system. Troubleshooting specific changes on a device can be hard unless you have the uttered moral management tool.

 On the other hand, network performance monitoring is requisite to further add to the overall performance of the system. Analyzing important details like on resource utilization and network traffic is its prerequisite function. This is of colossal importance as these details have administer effects on both the hardware and software for the network.

 In conducting network performance monitoring, there are certain tools that you can use. The most widely used are those that are being provided by Windows 2000. This includes the System Monitor and the Network Monitor. The necessary function of the System Monitor is to track network throughput and resource utilization. Network Monitor on the other abetment, utilizes captured network traffic in order to pathway network throughput.

 These certain tools that can be used in production network performance monitoring don ' t have the same initiation preferences. The System Monitor requires both Windows 2000 Qualified and Windows 2000 Server while the Network Monitor needs windows 2000 Server alone. Furthermore, the network monitor is mainly used to lane local traffic.

 Aside from the ones mentioned superior, there are still other tools that you can use in monitoring network performance. However, it is also important to whip undeniable that the tools that you hankering to use are proven to be most useful and most efficient.

 There are many tools available for the network administrator to raise productivity with network configuration management through proper network performance monitoring.
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