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Filesystem Linux

Directory structure linux

Directory root linux has several directories that be standard directory in many distro linux. Those directories is among others:





Full files binary standard that can be used by entire

user good user usually also super user


Full files that used to booting linux belong

kernel image


Full file system special that be reflection device hard-

Ware that identified and Used system


Full system configuration files, Usually only may be changed

by super user


Full directories that be directory home to

user usually and Certain application


Full files library that used to support work

kernel linux


Special directory that is provided to mounting

device disk storage to system in the form of directory


Full file system special that show datas kernel every moment


Directory home for user root


Same like directory bin,  but Only super user best use binary remember functions binary found at this directory to maintenance



Full temporary files that is wanted a application that is walking


/u s r

Full library, Binary, Documentation and Installation result another file



Full logarithm files, Mailbox and Application datas

Data structure kernel




Moment kernel do a process, Process data kept periodical in the form of files. To see data kernel, So files that meant must at parsing every moment because dynamic the data. Line of least resistance that can be done among others by using paint command.






Cat <System_file_that_meant>



This files is stored in directories that kept structured in directory /proc. Follow in a flash description hits directory structure /proc:

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