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surplus linux

Here be explained several surplus from operating system linux/unix be compared with with system op­eration other. And follow several facts from matters that beneficial by using program and Files linux/unix:




Basically all stored save in harddisk although there are some where does stored data at diskette. Linux/unix give several special process where terminals, Printer and Device hardware another can be accessinged as we accessing stored file in harddisk or Diskette.


When is program run, Program run from harddisk into louvre and After be run be called as process.


Linux/unix prepare servis to make, Modify program, Process and File.


Linux/unix support file structure has hierarchy.


Linux/unix one of [the] operating system that belong into operating system class that can do multitasking. Multitasking self where a operating system do many works at the (time) of concurrent.


Besides multitasking, Linux/unix also can support multiuser. That is operating system which is on moment concurrent can be used by more than one user that come into system. Even to linux also support to multiconsole where at the (time) of concurrent in front of direct computer without having to pass network and Make possible more than one user comes into system.



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