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Installation linux

Things required to payed to do installation linux in your computer among others:


a. Detect specification hardware


b. Space allocation harddisk


c. Software package election


d. Installation process


Detect spesification hardware


In this part, You must detect and Understand technical spesification from device found on your computer, This matter includes:


a. Name device


b. Name chipset in device


c. Use and Kind device


Device usually found in your computer is among others:


a. Mouse


b. Keyboard


c. Graphic card


d. Sound card


e. Harddisk


f. Monitor


g. Network card


h. Modem


More clear, From device above, You must detect:


a. Kind konektor mouse, Serial or Ps/2


b. Vendor mouse (microsoft, Logitech, Generic)


c. Total key in keyboard (usually standard 101 key)


d. Chipset in graphic card, Closely related with vendor card


e. Memory size graphic card


f. Chipset in sound card


g. Your possibility will be asked also io, Irq and Dma from sound card


h. Capacity harddisk


i. Bus data For kind pci usually pnp.


j. Identification network you, Include number ip, Subnet mask, Gateway address, Hostname, Domain and Ip dns server


k. Kind modem, Determine modem internal or Computer minimal need external that be installed.


linux for office complex and Everyday:


a. Capacity harddisk 3,2 gb. But linux can to run in harddisk old seagate 170 mb,  and Work good as router for network with terminal total 12 computers


b. Memory size (louvre) system 32 mb. But linux can be installed in computer with memory 4 mb, Work good as bridge for campus network.


c. Processor minimal Equal pentium-233 mmx. But linux work very good in computer 486dx2-66 as router for network warnet and Small office.


d. Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor. When linux used as router or Bridge network, After process insta­llation, Mouse, Keyboard and Monitor can be removed. Use access telnet and Ftp to remote maintenance without want mouse, Keyboard and Monitor.

Space allocation harddisk


Basically you are unnecessary assortings space harddisk you for certain directories. But with will do space allocation harddisk you will get profits among others:

a. Process booting quicker

b. Ease designs to back up system

c. Access controlling read-write in several partition

d. Controlling quota harddisk for user and Group Maximum file big restriction



Several directories really far better from ability aspect and When made partition self security. Allocation example harddisk as big as 3,2 gb that serve the purpose of reference install linux:

Swap kind partition other from linux that is linux swap that used as virtual memory and Place keeps temporary files. Directory that represent partition swap/tmp. Term grow to fill mean big partition determined automatic as big as remainder harddisk empty after reduced bigly partition other. But you must can count that approximately, Partition root / must has big more than 350 mb.

As note, Several applications keeps source they are at directory /opt, So that allocation harddisk necessary changed to accustom that need. This application example corel draw and Staroffice.




5 MB


500 MB


2000 MB


128 MB

Software package election


Determine aim installation linux you and Determine tools that wanted to achieve aim. When can you wish for linux you be used to do work office complex like document maker, Document printing, Presentation maker, Picture redaction and Voice, Best you install packages office oriented and X window system. When do you a programmer c, C++, Perl or Python, You install package’s devel and Interpreter. Other if you a system administrator or Network administrator, You must pay attention efficiency and Effective system to get Performance maximum without compromise with system security from all aspects.

Installation process


Installation model linux unegual,  but Depend on menytro that develop it. Fashion text and Gui Determine layout installation that be endured. Although found difference layout and Installation channel, There are some matter that be standard in installation process linux, Among others:


A. Installation model question, Will you upgrade or Server install, Workstation. Or custom

B. Language election question

C. Make partition harddisk

D. Configure attribute network like hostname

E. setup mouse, Keyboard, Time system, Device scsi and Graphic card

F. Will choose packages that installed

G. Determine lilo (linux loader)


When does installation process go well, We change to system configuration process. Device necessary configuration among others:


A. Graphic card, When moment installation happen failure

B. Sound card, Pass sndconfig or Menu setup

C. Modem to connect internet


After system configuration, Linux you ready for have been used.

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